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Over the years, SINT Ingegneria has earned numerous company awards for its XGSLab Program along with our influence within the customers community. We take great pride in these awards since many of them were voted on by custormes in the fields such as yourself and reflect the passion of our loyal XGSLab customers.

Far more important than any award, however, is the reality that everyone here at SINT Ingegneria embraces... Solving the business requirements of our customers on a daily basis. Whether a new feature, change request, or technical support issue, our responsibility is to meet and exceed your expectations every day.

ABB Germany

Has adopted XGSLab to calculate their grounding systems.


Has adopted XGSLab to calculate their grounding systems.

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Best Seller in Europe

XGSLab is the best-selling "Grounding Software" in Europe.




We have been using XGSLab for almost two years, could find a short entrance to get using it and are convinced by the simulation results. ... Time Domain specific module is preferable for our field of research and could not be replaced by any other well-known, available on the market simulation software even close. ... I also would like to emphasize the individual and highly competent support provided by the staff of SINT Ingegneria, as well as the willingness always to improve the software, every time making it easier in use and including new features. We were very surprised to see as in a short period of time our suggestions were implemented in a new release.

Prof. Michael Rock, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Group for Lightning and Overvoltage Protection (Germany)


I applied XGSLab in both frequency and time domain. … I was very satisfied with the results. It is possible to calculate exactly what has been measured. XGSLab allows to get a very detailed inside view of the physics in a grounding system. From the point of view of lightning protection, XGSLab allows to model a complete building with all reinforcement steel, the foundation earth and or additional vertical or horizontal earth rods.

Prof. Emeritus Jan Meppelink, University of SOEST (Germany)


Since the acquisition of XGSLab a few months ago, we have been able to accurately model and simulate grounding systems on several projects and validate for our customers solutions guaranteeing the safety of people and equipment. In addition, we were able to perform some tests after the designs and confirm the accuracy of the simulations in some cases until the third decimal !!! In addition to providing a robust, accurate and easy-to-use software suite, SINT Ingegneria developers are always available to help, advise and answer questions, and even receive suggestions for future updates.

Ing. Christophe Brun, ALTROS Eybens (France)


The program has been great. It didn't take me too long to learn it. It works well with AutoCAD, and it's super straightforward and easy. Having had experience with other software in the coordination arc flash side of things, I am kind of familiar with the data process and entering the information. It works great for my needs.
The support from XGSLab has been fantastic, super responsive. 
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Ing. Colin Green 20 years of industry experience (Canada)