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MAY 2024

Congratulations to Alberto P., Mirco F. and Alberto S. for attending the Fire Fighting Protection - Premises Compartimentation Course.

27 OCTOBER 2023

Università di Padova


We are proud to announce our new BIM figure...

Investing in the future of Infrastructure Design & Managment. Master in BIM at the University of Padua for Andrea A. Dalprà


16 OCTOBER 2023

New Certifications

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 fully integrated in our System...
04 OCTOBER 2023

Score ESG - Synesgy Report

Our ESG score is now available...

Synesgy enables companies to collect and manage sustainability information through an ESG self-assessment, complete with evaluation, benchmarks, and guidance on the development plan to be undertaken.

The Synesgy score model developed by CRIF Ratings - the authorized credit rating agency - allows an easy visualization of the score obtained in the 5 macro sections of the questionnaire (Business, Environment, Social, Governance, and Sector). See our results here