SINT provides design, engineering, construction management and site safety for technical plant in the following sectors:


In the civil works sectors SINT has expertise in lighting, acoustics, climate and air quality control and in the building systems for energy saving.

In the industrial sector SINT has extensive know-how for both electrical and mechanical systems.
Of particular note are the references in the sector of infrastructures as for the Messina Strait Bridge.
In the energy sector SINT is a leader in the design of renewable source power plants (photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal and combined heat and power generation).

SINT provides consulting services to the main Italian utilities and companies. Commercial and in house bespoke software is used extensively. SINT Power System Division provides consulting and engineering services on:


  • static and dynamic analysis of electrical power systems
  • regulation systems for power plants
  • selectivity analysis of protection systems
  • earthing grids
  • electromagnetic fields
  • power quality


Below the list of most significant jobs done in the last years:



A list and detail of references may be available on demand at