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XGSLab News


24 July 2017

XGSLab Multilayer has arrived

After months of research and development, XGSLab multilayer has arrived.

New XGSLab version includes a very powerful algorithm able to consider a multilayer soil model with an arbitrary layers number in a very rigorous way (without constrains on layer thickness).

Multilayer soil model is available in the version “Enterprise”.

Moreover XGSLab includes many other improvements, in particular a new tool “draw” useful to create models directly inside XGSLab without external CAD.



21 February 2017

XGSLab Time Domain Animation

The new module XGSA_TD is coming. This new powerful module will allows the same XGSA_FD calculations in the Time Domain.

Results will be displayed in many ways and also with animation.

The following video shows the earth surface potential and touch and step voltages evolution in the time domain related to a transient current injected in a grounding system.

The same results are vailable for both electric and magnetic fields.

More news will be published soon.


12 Jannuary 2017

XGSLab Multilayer is coming

XGSLab Multilayer is coming. We are working to the new multilayer module.

In a few time a new soil analyzer will be ready. Next we will implement the multilayer soil model alghoritm in the calculation routines.

This new features will allows to improve the calculation precision in all cases where a double layer soil model is not sufficient.

More news will be published soon.