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Category: Publications
pdf01997 - Analisi di impianti di terra a frequenza industriale: confronto tra indagine sperimentale e simulazione numerica. (L'Energia Elettrica)HOT
pdf11997 - Nuovi approcci per la valutazione della sicurezza degli impianti di terra a frequenza industriale (AEI )HOT
pdf21997 - Safety Assessment of Earthing Systems at Power Frequency (ERA )HOT
pdf31998 - A Wide Frequency Range Computation Code for Overhead and Buried Conductors System. (ICHQP)HOT
pdf41999 - Aerial and Grounding System Analysis by the Shifting Complex Images Method. (IEEE )HOT
pdf51999 - Dispersori di terra per sistemi elettrici di distribuzione (L'Energia Elettrica)HOT
pdf62000 - Analysis of conductive, capacitive and inductive couplings in HV transmission lines frequency and time domain. (ERA)HOT
pdf72000 - Il controllo dei costi nelle organizzazioni di IngegneriaHOT
pdf82000 - L'efficacia, l'efficenza e l'economicità nelle organizzazioni di Ingegneria ed ArchitetturaHOT
pdf92000 - Strategia Aziendale nelle organizzazioni di ingegneria ed architetturaHOT
pdf102008 - Affidabilità delle reti Elettriche (Power technology)HOT
pdf112008 - Progettazione di Impianti di Terra. (Power Technology)HOT
pdf142015 - Calculation Models for Grounding Systems Based on Hybrid MethodsHOT
pdf162015 - XGSLab Tagung - SlidesHOT
pdf182016 - Calculation of Lightning Effects in the Frequency Domain with a Program based on Hybrid Methods (CIGRE)HOT
pdf192016 - Electromagnetic Interferences between Large Power Systems and Pipelines by using a Multizone Soil Model (CBIP)HOT
pdf202018 - Identification of Multilayer Soil Models for Grounding Systems from Surface MeasurementsHOT
pdf212018 - Investigation of Lightning Current Distribution in a Large-Scale Earth -Termination System of Photovoltaic Power Plant (ICLP)HOT
pdf222018 - Overview on computational methods of Gas Insulated Substation grounding grid analysis (EPE)HOT
pdf232018 - Sea Effects on Grounding Systems An Analytical and Numerical Study (CEATI)HOT
pdf242018 - Sea Effects on Grounding SystemsAn Analytical and Numerical Study - Slides (CEATI )HOT
pdf252019 - Accurate Calculation of the Split Factor - A Numerical Study (CEATI)HOT
pdf262019 - Ein Beitrag zur Begrenzung der Schrittspannung durch isolierende (VDE )HOT
pdf272019 - Ein Beitrag zur Begrenzung der Schrittspannung durch isolierende SchichtenHOT
pptx282019 - Ein Beitrag zur Begrenzung der Schrittspannung durch isolierende Schichten - Slides HOT
pdf292019 - XGSLab - Simulation for Power, Grounding and Lightning Systems (Hydro Matters)HOT
pdf302020 - Grounding grids in electro-magnetic transient simulations with frequency-dependent equivalent ciruit (EPES)HOT
pdf312020 - Investigating the Effect of Several Model Configurations on the Transient Response of GIS (ENERGIES)HOT
pdf322020 - Soil Model Seasonal Analysis for Grounding Systems HOT
pdf332021 - Electromagnetic Interferences between Power Systems and Pipelines. Field Vs. Circuit Theory based Models (NACE)HOT
pdf342021 - Mitigating Interference on Cathodically Protected Pipelines (CEATI)HOT
pdf352022 - Mitigation of transient ground potential rise in gas insulated substations (EPSR)HOT