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XGSLab (Over and Under Ground System Laboratory) is one of the most powerful software packages for grounding system analysis, electromagnetic fields, interference and lightning analysis and the only software on the market that takes into account both EN and IEEE Standards.

XGSLab includes the modules:

GSA (GROUNDING SYSTEM ANALYSIS) for regular application (applicable in most practical cases).

GSA_FD (GROUNDING SYSTEM ANALYSIS in the FREQUENCY DOMAIN) for electromagnetic fields and interference evaluations for overhead and underground systems and for fault current distribution calculations.

XGSA_FD (OVER AND UNDER GROUND SYSTEM ANALYSIS in the FREQUENCY DOMAIN) for electromagnetic fields and interference evaluations for overhead and underground systems and for lightning effects and fault current distribution calculations.

XGSA_TD (OVER AND UNDERGROUND SYSTEM ANALYSIS in the TIME DOMAIN) for general applications with overhead and underground systems.

All modules are integrated in an “all in one” package and based on a hybrid calculation method (or “PEEC” method) which considers transmission line, circuit and electromagnetic theory combined into a single calculation model.

Hybrid methods join the strong points of the other methods and are well suited for engineering purposes because they allow the analysis of complex scenarios including external parameters such as voltages, currents and impedances. For these reasons, XGSLab can be considered a real laboratory.


The following table summarizes the main applications of the available models.


Application GSA GSA_FD XGSA_FD
Grounding (small systems) Yes Yes Yes
Grounding (large systems) No Yes Yes
Cathodic Protection Systems No Yes Yes
Magnetic Field No Yes Yes
Electric Field No No Yes
Electromagnetic Interferences No Yes Yes
Fault Current Distribution No No Yes
Lightning effects for a single frequency No No Yes


XGSA_TD can be applied in order to analyse in the time domain current and potential distribution on underground and/or overhead conductors network energized by means current or voltage transient and can calculate the consequent distributions of earth surface potentials and electric and magnetic fields.


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  • Is a widely utilized and recognized module for earth grid calculations and design including soil analysis.
  • Can analyse the low frequency performance of grounding systems composed by many distinct electrodes of any shape into a uniform or double layered soil model.
  • Can import earth grid data from AutoCAD® files, delivering professional numerical and graphical output useful for investigation of GPR and leakage current, surface potential, touch and step voltage distributions.

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