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pdf.pngA Wide Frequency Range Computation Code for Overhead and Buried Conductors System. (ICHQP - 1998) HOT
pdf.pngAerial and Grounding System Analysis by the Shifting Complex Images Method. (IEEE - 1999) HOT
pdf.pngAnalysis of conductive, capacitive and inductive couplings in HV transmission lines frequency and time domain. (ERA - 2000) HOT
pdf.pngCalculation Models for Grounding Systems Based on Hybrid Methods HOT
pdf.pngCalculation of Lightning Effects in the Frequency Domain with a Program based on Hybrid Methods HOT
pdf.pngCEATI 10th Annual Grounding & Lightning Conference (Slides) HOT
pdf.pngElectromagnetic Interferences between Large Power Systems and Pipelines by using a Multizone Soil Model HOT
pdf.pngIdentification of Multilayer Soil Models for Grounding Systems from Surface Measurements HOT
pdf.pngSafety Assessment of Earthing Systems at Power Frequency (ERA - 1997) HOT